Receiving of Hunting Trophies:

The entire process of the exporting of hunting trophies commences immediately once your valued hunting trophies have been delivered to our premises. We therefore ask you to please take note of the following in order to help us to ensure a reliable and efficient service at all times.

Hunting Trophies:

  • All hunting trophies, especially skulls, should be cleaned.
  • All raw skins should be folded.
  • All hunting trophies should be correctly labeled as to avoid any loss, confusion, misunderstanding etc. These labels can be obtained from our office, free of charge.


Please ensure that all hunting permits are completed correctly. All information regarding the animal(s), farm(s) name, as well as well as farm number(s), must be entered correctly. Please note that the above also applies to animals such as baboons, jackals, wildcats etc.

The hunting permit should then also be signed by the respective hunter, farm owner, as well as the professional hunter (PH). More importantly, please ensure that both sides of the hunting permit are completed, correctly.

In the case of hunting leopards, lions and, or, cheetahs, please take note of the following: At least two photographs showing the animal, professional hunter and the hunter must be submitted with your hunting permit. Both the permit as well as the photographs should then also be signed by either the professional hunter (PH), or the hunter. The following text must then also be included on the back of all the photographs and hunting permits respectively.

Hunting Permit: "We hereby declare that the animals as described on the attached photograph's were hunted and shot by us in full accordance with all conditions as prescribed for the trophy hunting of cheetah, leopard and lion."

Photographs: "We hereby declare that this photograph is a true original of the animal shot by us, permit number ............ and this photograph has not been tampered with in any manner."

Excluding the hunting permit, we then also require the following information from the hunter(s).

  • Besides the name and address of  a taxidermy or customs clearing agent, we also require the home address of the hunter(s).
  • Please note, that should we be able to send the hunting trophies of two or more hunters together as one shipment, we then still require the home address of each hunter.
  • In order to enable us to deliver the best level of service, we also require the following details, clearly printed or written out in block letters. 1. Email Address 2. Telephone Number(s), 3. Fax Number(s)

Exporting Hunting Trophies:

Note: U.S.A. clients, please note the last section on this page - Consignments to the U.S.A.

All hunting trophies shall be cleaned if deemed necessary. This is done in order to minimise the risk of your valued trophies being denied entry into the country of final destination. The cleaning process involves the hunting trophies been "dipped" in a special liquid, before they leave our premises.

We shall then provide the hunting client with a quotation once the trophies are professionally packed and ready for export. The quotation shall include such costs as the freight from Windhoek, Namibia, to the country of final destination.

The quotation is based on either the actual weight, or the volumetric weight of the hunting trophies, depending on which one is the greatest. The volumetric weight can be calculated as follows:

Volumetric Weight = (Length x Width x Height) รท 6000

We are then also able to offer the following payment options for the transportation of your prized hunting trophies.

  • If you click on the agents link, you will then find a complete list of all our agents, located worldwide. Should you wish to make use of one of our trusted agents, you will then have the convenience of being able to pay the agent directly.
  • Should you choose not to make use of one of our trusted agents, you will then have the option to complete the customs clearance yourself, without the assistance of an agent. This however, does require you to first transfer the necessary funds for the freight charges etc. into our account, before the export of your prized hunting trophies can take place.

Once we have received, either the go-ahead from the respective agent that you chose, or alternatively, confirmation that the amount for the freight charges etc. has been transferred into our account, we will then immediately dispatch your consignment of valued hunting trophies via Frankfurt, Germany, to the country of final destination.

Consignments to the U.S.A.

Hunting trophy shipments to the United States of America (U.S.A.) are of a much more complicated nature, due to the U.S.A. Fish and Wildlife Service being generally stricter. For example, it is not possible to send the hunting trophies of two or more hunters, as one shipment (together). Also, please note that the Fish and Wildlife import regulations differ, from State to State.

However, due to the close cooperation with our agents in the U.S.A., we are always well informed about all import regulations and can therefore not only guarantee a "trouble free" export of your trophies, but also a "trouble free" customs clearance at the port of destination.

* Despite the above, please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions or concerns, or if you require more information.

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